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1.3 billion East Asian people do not know Christ. God wants to change that! Through prayer, you can have a vital part in His work among the East Asian Peoples.

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Western Highlanders of East Asia

February 10, 2016
Western Highlanders of East Asia A family of workers befriended local believers who asked them to come and read stories at a bookstore to families who bring their children to hear English. They were able to share the Christmas story with a large group of local people, and their two young children sang a song on the stage. As others observe their family dynamics, they are drawn to this family and ask questions about the marriage relationship and childrearing. Please pray for this family as they live out Jesus in front of many Western Highlander families, and diligently pray that many families will come to faith through this special ministry.

East Asian Peoples Prayer Resources

Prayer remains a vital part of reaching East Asian Peoples for Christ, and is a viable way for a vast number of believers to take part in the fulfillment of the Great Commission as it pertains to reaching East Asian Peoples. Our prayer resources provide free booklets and free printable downloads of prayer booklets that profile unreached cities and people groups in East Asia. We hope you will partner with us as we seek to impact the spiritual destiny of East Asian Peoples.


Monthly Day of Prayer and Fasting

Join with us in praying for specific people and places in East Asia.


Virtual Prayerwalk through the streets of Macau

Hugh Johnson, Wendy Lee and Annie Hom

Pray intentionally for the people of Macau as you visit various neighborhoods and learn more about the issues and challenges facing the population daily.


Prayer Starters for East Asia's Top Unengaged Unreached People Groups

Pray for unreached people, many who live in remote and hard to access areas of East Asia. We have prayer requests to help you as you start praying.


Prayer Starters for Needy Cities of China

Pray for the people living in spiritually needy cities of China. We have prayer requests to help you as you start praying.


Prayer Starters for Needy Cities of Japan

Pray for the people living in the top 15 spiritually needy cities of Japan. We have prayer requests to help you as you start praying.


East Asian Language Resources for Koreans, Chinese and Japanese

The mission endeavors and prayers of East Asian believers are vital to the completion of the Great Commission. Korean, Japanese, and traditional and simplified Chinese character versions of some of our prayer and outreach materials are available for order and for free download.


Virtual Prayerwalk of Shanghai

Shanghai has 23 million people. More than 95 percent are lost. With a mortality rate of seven out of 1,000 a year, this means every three-and-a-half minutes a lost person in Shanghai dies. Prayerwalk through the neighborhoods of Shanghai and help change the numbers of those without Christ.