East Asian Peoples

Evangelism Resources Resource

Download free evangelism tools to help you share more effectively with East Asian people.

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Reflections from EA Vol 3 Resource

Reflections from East Asia is a booklet of 31 stories of God at work in the lives of IMB workers and their EA friends.

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Bridge to Christ Resource

This "Bridge to Christ" illustration, with labels in simplified Chinese, shows how a person can be reconciled to God.

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Flavors of China Feature

“Flavors of China” -- recipes and resources focused on sharing God's love with Chinese people

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Top Unengaged, Unreached People Groups of East Asia Info

East Asia is home to hundreds of unreached people groups (UPGs) that are still without any type of Gospel witness. Learn more about these unengaged people groups.

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Christmas in China 2014 - Job Requests Info

Students can share the Good News of Jesus this Christmas with Chinese people who have yet to hear. Look at the current job requests for teams needed on the field.

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EA Peoples

JAPAN: Shrines are built on sites of tsunami-hit areas for people to pray & give offerings for those who died. pic.twitter.com/soPpIQPsvb

EA Prayer

Pr for special team of workers as they complete a marathon-type project. Ask God to give strength. Pr they will depend totally on Hom.

EA Student

For next few days, we're in a #UniversityCity with collegiate leaders. Pray for vision for future partnership! vimeo.com/38825516 #IMB