East Asian Peoples

What 10 Days is all about Feature

Ten Days of Sacrifice calls believers to focus 10 days of Bible reading, prayer and service on East Asian peoples.

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This Christmas, share! Video

Christmas in China is an annual IMB East Asian Peoples program for U.S. students to share their faith in China.

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Street food in China Story

Take in the sights and sounds along the back streets of China as “Flavors of China” brings you a special photo gallery.

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Asian Language Resources Resource

Free booklets and downloads of EA resources in Korean, Chinese and Japanese

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Seven things you should know about Muslims in China Info

Though China is predominantly an atheist nation, Islam is one of the five religions that are allowed to exist under Chinese law. Surprisingly, Islam has quite a following in China. Did you know, for example [ ... ]

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Southern Cross Project distributes Bibles to vacationing Chinese tourists Feature

Find out how Southern Cross Project distributes Bibles to vacationing Chinese tourists in neighboring Asian countries.

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EA Peoples

Remote areas in #EastAsia have tremendous physical & spiritual needs. Consider giving $10 to support strategic project needs. #10Days #IMB

EA Prayer

East Asian churches will celebrate the Risen Lord this weekend. Pray that Christians can be strengthened and the lost will believe.

EA Student

As you begin Holy Week, pray for thousands in #EastAsia who will go about this week like any other. It's time for them to hear the Good News